Our Story

Our Story

We keep challenges from turning into crises

4BlueNJ, housed at the Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care National Call Center, is a one-of-a-kind peer support network. Originally offering and providing support as part of the Cop2Cop peer support helpline, today 4BlueNJ operates a separate but collaborative peer support helpline designed specifically for all New Jersey corrections employees, including uniformed staff, civilians, and their families. We are committed to ensuring that all corrections employees and their families have access to a peer who better understands their life experiences and the challenges they face, and can provide support whenever they confront an issue.

Our Philosophy

Regardless of the complexity of the issue, or how long it takes, we will continue to follow up, seek out possible avenues, and pursue different options. We go the extra mile.

Who we serve

We serve all corrections employees, including uniformed staff and civilians, as well as their families, throughout the state of New Jersey.

Our Vision

A program where all corrections staff members and their family have access to proactive support and resources that will help them to thrive.

Our Mission

To help prevent struggles from from being a crisisby providing all NJ corrections staff members and their families with live, free, confidential, stigma free, personalized support for physical, mental, financial and social challenges.